Civet, a functional programming oriented language as superset of Typescript

Delving into Civet's syntax enhancements and integration ecosystem to evaluate its real advantages and potential challenges

How I migrated from Next.js to Qwik

My two-week journey of migrating from Next.js to Qwik and Qwik City

Windows 95 and its relevance in computer history

What fatures Windows 95 established that are still valid today

Remember everything with using it for work

How can help you remember things you already forgot

Arc Browser for Web Development & Management

How the Arc Browser's UX improves the workflow for developers

Background sounds in iOS and macOS

How to Use Background Sounds to Create a Calming Environment on iOS and macOS

Barrel files in JavaScript

The Benefits and Disadvantages of Using Barrel Files in JavaScript

Github Copilot Labs

An experimental extension to enhance Github Copilot

PWA Screenshot Previews

How to show screenshots in your PWA's installation prompt

Package-agnostic scripts with Node.js

How to simplify running scripts in NPM, Yarn and PNPM

The 'satisfies'-operator in TypeScript

Validate that the type of an expression matches some type, without changing the resulting type of that expression

Guide for beginners into Node.js and NPM

How to start with Node.js and the Node Package Manager

Control external monitors on Windows

How to use a free app to control the brightness for all monitors

The Many Differences Between Unix and Linux

How two of the most popular operating systems differ from each other.

A simple introduction to Typescript

A brief introduction to some concepts of Typescript

The Symbol in Javascript

Get to Know Symbols: The Unique Data Type for Object Properties

DOM TreeWalker API

The TreeWalker API: A powerful tool for traversing the DOM tree.

Better documentation in TS & JS

How to write better docs in Javascript with rich metadata

Types for Tailwind-CSS config

How to use Typescript types for Tailwind-CSS

Dark mode for Github Markdown images

How to use different images in Markdown for light or dark mode

How to determine OS in browser

Use modern APIs to retrieve information about the host system of your web app

Start a specific iOS or iPadOS simulator

How to use the Terminal to select and launch any installed simulator

New viewport sizes

How svh, lvh and dvh can improve your responsive design

MSW in SvelteKit

How to implement MSW for local development in SvelteKit

Gitpod IDE in the cloud

Ephemeral workspaces, it's all-ops in the cloud

License generator in SvelteKit

Create a list of dependencies for you SvelteKit-project

Lazy loading modules in Svelte

How to import your component on demand

Custom lib-folder in SvelteKit

How to create a path alias in SvelteKit

AfterDark Screensaver for macOS

How to install one of the best screensavers ever

Setup HMR for SvelteKit with Gitpod

How to use Hot Module Reload with SvelteKit and Gitpod

Bundle Fonts in your web app

How Fontsource provides fonts to ship with your app

Generate SVG from Google Fonts

How to use a web app to transform any text to SVG

Replace Material-UI with Tailwind.css

Case study about replacing Material-UI with Tailwind.css

Lightweigt alternative to Axios

Using Redaxios instead of Axios as a small alternative

Code Reviews: How to level up your skills

Why code reviews are the most powerful tool to become a better developer

Raycast for macOS

A versatile tool control a huge set of common tasks

Github Code Search

How to use Github's fuzzy-search for your repositories

Control brightness on macOS external displays

How to use app called MonitorControl for screen brightness changes

'CSS Overview' in Chromium's DevTools

How to analyze your CSS with DevTools

Typescript Template String Types as Discriminants

Improved template literal types with Typescript 4.5

Load Node.js builtin modules

A slightly special import-syntax for builtin modules

Coding in VR

Why the Quest 2 (and more) from Meta is a milestone in virtual reality

Remove ignored files in git

One command to use for removing ignored files that are checked-in

Catch errors in Promise.all

A safe alternative to Javascript's Promise.all

The most powerful SSH-terminal

How to use VS Code as your daily SSH-terminal

Working with Github Copilot

How an AI can improve your coding speed drastically

Github Command Palette

How to search for repositories and quick actions on Github

UX case study of a blog post page

How I designed the article page for this web app

What is the 'navigator' in progressive web apps?

How the 'navigator' enables progressively enhancing your web apps

Simple animated analog clock in Tailwind.css

How to create a very simple analog clock with animation only in Tailwind.css

UX case study of a portfolio page

The thoughts that influenced the design of my personal portfolio page

UX case study of an overview page

How I designed the overview page for all post-categories

Special network function for analytics data in browser

How to use 'sendBeacon' to reliably transmit small data chunks

Writing an xbar plugin for

How I wrote a JS-plugin for the xbar-app to see the current number of visitors

React.js Portal

The magic of rendering elements outside the own DOM-tree

iPhone screen sharing on Mac

How to show your iOS screen on your Mac

Next.js NPM license generator

How to create licenses from your package.json

React Batched Updates

How to combine state updates in a single render call

Network Information API for PWAs

How to determine real network data in your web app

DaisyUI - Tailwind components

The Bootstrap equivalent for Tailwind utility classes


The Javascript XML sytnax

A PWA called DevTools

A developer's best friend is actually a Progressive Web App, right in Chromium

Supabase - Backend as a service

A truly open source alternative to Firebase

Android Incremental FS

How a virtual file system in Android allows for much faster game starts

Github user per project scope

How to use a different Github-user for different projects

SEO without Google Analytics?

Can you reach Google's top ranks without Analytics enabled?

Node.js error with context

How to add an error cause to throws in V8 9.3 and later

Android Studio on Ubuntu with NVM

How to correctly setup up NVM on Ubuntu to work with Android Studio

ES6 import with parameters

How to pass parameters to an ES6 module when importing it

Moving to a new flat

How to move to a new flat when you're working up to 12 hours a day

How I learned 12 languages - in one night

Using the latest from machine learning and some clever caching

Thoughtful Coding

Why coding is more than the stringing together of symbols

Kickscale Scheduler

The Gmail-extension to automatically find free meetings

AC600 on Ubuntu

How to install Netgear's AC600 drivers on Ubuntu

Firebase Functions domain

How to use a custom domain for Firebase Functions

Providing RSS

This PWA provides an RSS feed

Fix mobile webkit 100vh

Mobile Webkit's handling of 100vh might need more attention

Opening ≠ opening

Forms, opportunities and disadvantages of open science

Basic Attention Token

A new revenue model for the web

Microdata for web semantic

How to enhance your pages with more semantic information


A WYSIWYG web app builder

Android Emulator on Apple M1

How to use the Emulator for Android on Apple Silicon devices

Typescript Private Class Properties

Typescript supports private properties for classes

Typescript Tuple Types

How to best type tuples in Typescript 4.2 and later

Chrome & Edge DevTools Command Menu

How to navigate the DevTools like a power user

Typescript Template String Types

How to narrow down string types using the template string mechanism

What is AuthN and AuthZ

A simple guide about the difference between Authorization and Authentication

Advanced try/catch/finally in Javascript and Typescript

Take a detailed look at the implementation of a try-catch-finally-block

PWA vibration API

Let's use the navigator to shake your device

Supercharged Github Markdown

See how versatile Github's Markdown can be

Media Session API

Providing media meta data and callbacks in your PWA

Web Locks API

Coordinate work and the use of resources among different processes

When your PWA starts to speak

Using WaveNet to add speech synthesis for articles

Cypress Component Test Runner

Building unit component tests for React

Fix for Webkit's 100vh in Tailwind

How to fix the 100vh behavior in Tailwind

IntelliJ for Apple M1

The complete IntelliJ-suite is available for Apple's M-processors

The Disney Method

How to be more creative by being more systematic

Web Share API

How use the web's native share-API

Fire Code With Me

It's time to set some code on fire!

Trusted Web Activity

How to validate your web app - and create an Android app from it

Typescript Tagged Template Strings

How to use template strings as functions

Cloudflare Workers

Fast serverless functions hosted by Cloudflare's CDN

Web App Badging API

How use a badge for your installed PWA

Miller Columns

A great layout concept that changed the UI for filesystems

UX study: copy to clipboard

How to design a copy-to-clipboard action in your UX

Android Performance Class

How each Android version defines its level of performance

Next.js-config with type checking

How to use type checking for your next.config.js

Digital morphogenesis

The interdisciplinary field of natural patterns in digital computation

Codespaces by Github

IDE as a service, available in your browser

What is a UI pattern?

Taking a look at a new aspect in UI design


An interface for Reinforcement Learning to access the Android OS

Privacy-First Analytics

How to respect your users and still monitor performance

Firestore Data Bundles

A new implementation for cached Firestore documents

Typescript Pipeline Operator

Write chained function calls in Typescript

PWA in Microsoft App Store

How to publish your PWA in the Microsoft App Store

What's XaaS?

It's everything as a service, and more

Google ZX - shell scripts with Javascript

How to write shell-scripts with Javascript and Node.js

Head of Remote Work

How to keep everyone and everything in sync