AC600 on Ubuntu

How to install Netgear's AC600 drivers on Ubuntu

Hi there, curious traveler around the web! This very specific post about how to use Netgear's AC600 WiFi adapter on Ubuntu with Linux Kernel v5+ is mainly a guide for the future Tom on how to do it again. So yeah, don't expect much. Let's go!

Simple UI version

  • Open Ubuntu's settings
  • Scroll to the last item in the left pane labeled About and select it
  • Scroll again to the latest entry Software Update and select it
  • Select Additional Drivers in the horizontal menu bar
  • The available driver should be listed, select + apply changes
  • Reboot and select the option to enroll in the now visible, alternative view after start
  • WiFi should be an option now

Programmatic way

The following steps are just an enhanced copy of an article on the ask-ubuntu-forum, linked below in the addendum. Here are steps necessary:

  1. Install dkms if not yet done
apt-get install dkms
  1. Clone the drivers
git clone
  1. Run the following commands and select a simple password that will be used later
sudo dkms add ./rtl8812au
sudo dkms build 8812au/4.2.2
sudo dkms install 8812au/4.2.2
  1. Check it's installed correctly
sudo dkms status
  1. Load at boot
echo 8812au | sudo tee -a /etc/modules
  1. Reboot. A different view should be rendered after the restart (not Ubuntu), which enables you to enroll the changes to the kernel.


And that's about, just simple little guide to connect my Ubuntu installation again.

  • Tom