Remove ignored files in git

One command to use for removing ignored files that are checked-in

Removing ignored files from git

If you ever were in the situation that already checked-in files or directories in git should be removed, there’s a single command that does exactly this. This command avoids deleting the data, commits the deletion and adds the same data afterwards again.

# In this example, the 'bin'-directory
# gets removed from git. Note that this
# operation doesn't remove the file 
# itself, only its reference in git.

git rm -r --cached bin

# Same command, for the file 'log.ts'.

git rm -r --cached log.ts

Works also for already checked-in data

This command also removes the specific file or directory from the git-tree if the data has been added before it was defined in the gitignore-file. Of course, the real file or directory won't get deleted, only its reference in git.