IntelliJ for Apple M1

The complete IntelliJ-suite is available for Apple's M-processors

Fasten your seatbelts

After providing a beta-version of its products for development with support for Apple's new chip M1, IntelliJ has now released the stable builds of its suite of tools. I've used WebStorm for the past month on a spec'd out Mac mini with M1 as its beating heart. Performance was not good, to put it kindly. WebStorm was usable, but felt like three steps back from the previous version for Intel on Apple devices. That's changed now!

First impressions

Code completion now loads instantly. Particularly the Typescript-service is up and running in no time, which is really nice. Scrolling through files of all sizes now renders smoothly where the old unoptimized version struggled. Overall, the IDE feels mature and ready for heavy-battle-usage again. WebStorm is my favourite tool for Full Stack development and I'm happy to be able to reliably work with it again.

  • Tom