Kickscale Scheduler

The Gmail-extension to automatically find free meetings

Don't be scared of scheduling

Hi there, Tom here! Just a warning straight ahead: this post will be a shameless self-promotion, and a self-promotion only. I've been working on a project with heavy focus on making the everyday scheduling experience as easy and pleasantly as possible. From the many things we've build, one particular tool is just super easy to get started with: the Kickscale Gmail extension.

Did someone say... extension?

The greatest advantage of providing an extension of our product to an existing ecosystem, such as Gmail, is just that: A one-click install of Kickscale Scheduler, and you're ready enhance your existing workflow. By living directly in your business world called "Gmail", our scheduler can seamlessly handle the creation of a meeting where everyone selected has a free spot.

Prvcy in m**d

To become an actually useful tool, Kickscale Scheduler has to know who is blocked at which point in time. To do that, we're simply querying for so called "free/busy" time-tuples of all your selected participants, even if they haven't installed Kickscale Scheduler. We're not reading any more data than is absolutely necessary, which means: only pairs of start- & end-time of blocked events. Absolutely anonymous. Super powerful.

Where?! How?! What?!

If you want to check out Kickscale Scheduler, just check out the addendum below to open the Gsuite Marketplace. One simple click to install, and the Kickscale Scheduler makes itself comfortable right in your sidebar, ready to serve you at any time.

Thanks for the read!

  • Tom