AI Co-Author

A statement about content creation by AI

What does 'Co-authored by AI' mean?

This PWA started to use GPT-3 as well as Midjourney for some content creation on 10-07-2022. For some articles, I use GPT-3 to write the whole article. Furthermore, some articles' preview images (the ones you see in links) get generated by Midjourney.

Why are you using those tools?

One one hand I want to experience what it feels like to use state-of-the-art AI-tools to generate content. Due to the rapid advancements in the field of AI, I want to be able to generate content that is not only interesting, but also easy to read and created extremely fast.

One the other hand, I want to see if the content those tools create can actually hold up in real-world usage. Generated some text is nice, but is it really possible to let an AI-model write whole, meaningful and helpful articles?

I don't earn any money through this site, neither with ads nor through sponsorships or affiliate links.

I believe that massive content creation done by AI is a future that basically has already arrived. I think it's just not in the mainstream yet, but will be soon.

It's therefore important to mark content by its origin and be transparent about the content creation pipeline, so that readers can know about it.

How can I see what articles were generated by AI?

Each article that was written by AI (currently GPT-3, 'text-davinci-002') is marked as such in the addendum of the article, which can be found after the list of suggested posts.

The following item shows how this mark looks like.

Co-authored by AI

How much of an article is written by AI, if that's the case?

Almost all text is written by AI, including the code examples and explanations of the code. I sometimes add headlines and only write the SEO-related text myself.

Was this article written by an AI?

No, I personally wrote this article myself to explain the usage of AI on