Scoreboard as PWA for local darts matches
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spikze.club offers its users different variants of scoreboards to use for local darts matches. Users can choose from a collection of games, ranging from quick matches to longer sessions, and keep track of their scores with spikze.club.

A main focus for me was to create a modern, sleek and "sporty" design. I therefore settled on a very Metro-like layout, with emphasis on fonts and negative spaces.

Offline-first PWA

spikze.club is implemted as a Progressive Web App that installs a Service Worker for complete offline functionality, allowing users to use the app in environments without any internet connection, such as cellars.

The PWA can also be installed as a standalone app, giving it a more native look and feel.

Svelte & SvelteKit

This project was my first real usage of Svelte together with SvelteKit. Combined, these two libraries offer an absolutely great developer as well as user exierence.

spikze.club was my first foray into Svelte, and I will use it for many projects to come, as is it's an overall pleasent expierence to work with.

Cloudflare Pages

The app is deployed on Cloudflare Pages, which is supported by one of SvelteKit's first-party adapters. Cloudflare Pages works very well, but might improve times when it comes to overall building-times.


And as another first one, I completely developed spikze.club with Gitpod. No more local installations/downloads/builds required. Gitpod works really well and will be my primary IDE for private projects to come.


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