Github template with Lando / express.js / Redis

Template to quickly start a NodeJS / Express.js / TypeScript / Redis / Lando project for small scopes.

Quickstart for Express.js / TypeScript / Redis / Lando


  • 🚀 Express.js w/ Typescript
  • 📁 File-based routing for Express.js
  • 🔍 ts-node for dev & production, no explicit compilation required
  • 🐳 Lando for easy local development environment
  • 🗄️ Redis for data storage


This is a NodeJS-based quickstart project that utilizes Express.js, TypeScript, Redis, and Lando. The repository aims to provide a starting point for small projects that require a simple API for accessing a Redis database.

The API exposes a single endpoint (/v1/page/[slug]/count) that allows you to increment a counter for a specific slug. The count expires after 4 hours, making it ideal for generating basic trending statistics for your pages.

The project uses Lando for easy local development, which can be started with a single command - 'lando start'.

Express.js is implemented using TypeScript and a file-based routing system, which means that adding new routes is as simple as adding a new file to the src/routes directory. The file name is used as the route name, and the file contents serve as the route handler - similar to popular frameworks like Next.js.


  • Project Architect


  • Less than one month
  • Personal