Creating this progressive web app
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My personal progressive web app ("PWA") to experiment with the latest technologies. This site uses Next.js and Sanity.io to deliver the pages as well as the content. It's ever evolving and a playground for me.

As of writing, 1400+ pages would be built if I fully deploy the whole site. Thanks to Next.js' Incremental Static Generation ("ISG"), this is not required. I can simply write the blog posts I want to, publish them in the CMS and Next.js will generate the static pages upon the next request, e.g. when a user of the site navigates the new blog post.


I've implemented a complete and autonomous translation pipeline. When a new page gets generated for the first time, the original writing (practically english in all cases) gets translated to 13 other languages via Google Translate.

The translations gets cached in Firestore, which is a NoSQL database also provided by Google. The collection is ever growing, but serves my purposes very well. As of writing I'm paying both for Google Translate as well as the storage a few Cents per month - practically it's free.

Speech Synthesis

I also wanted to explore ML-based speech synthesis for a selected group of languages. The generation of WAV-files is also part of the build-pipeline for new pages and uses Azure's Cognitive Services. Just navigate to one post in English, German, Spanish or Russian, to name a few and try it out yourself.


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