Warehouse management with a DSL for template UIs

stockhouse is a warehouse management PWA, including pre-sales as well as after-sales and staff management. stockhouse allows its customers to manage everything from incoming products to warehouse logistics as well as sales and follow-ups.

A major design decision was to implement everything related to products in a generic way. This means that customers can define their own data structures and properties. stockhouse only needs those schemas to consume to build up all relevant UI.

The app was designed for optimal usage by different types of staff. It allows CEOs and managers to overlook current process in a birds-eye view. Warehouse workers can efficiently create, edit and delete products. Accounting can retrieve all relevant data with a few clicks only.

To work best for every user, stockhouse has a custom accessibility settings section, where users can define the input layouts and visibility preferences.


  • UI/UX Lead
  • Project Lead
  • Project Architect


  • 6 months
  • External