Working full stack on the homodea platform & leading native app development

I worked as a Senior Full Stack Dev both on frontend as well as backend for the homodea platform as a whole. My daily duties spanned all areas of work, from planning and implementing new components in frontend, digesting the last 24 h of analytics data from all domains (frontend, backend and native apps) to implementing features and fixes in the backend.

I was the lead in the implementation of a major part of the frontend that plays a key role for large-scale promotions which are active only for a few days each and have to handle requests from tens of thousands of users.

One key area of responsibility was also to lead the development and deployment of all native apps, which are available on both Android as well as iOS. I was heavily involved in fixing bugs and updating the apps for all new platforms, which lead to an all-time low number of daily crashes, which were mostly from zero to five occurrences per day.

I worked on the backend on a daily basis as well, where I was working on implementing and updating the existing Stripe-SDK code.


  • Senior Ful Stack
  • UI/UX Lead
  • Lead DevOps (native)


  • 12 months
  • External